Afghanistan Memory Home is a tribute to Afghanistan's war victims and survivors. This online platform includes a virtual museum as well as a database of Afghan victims. Using a victim-centred approach, the Memory Home memorialises victims' lives and provides a platform for them to share their stories, experiences, and expectations.
Our Goals: Memorialization, Documentation, Accountability, Transitional Justice and Human Rights, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, Advocacy and Policy Engagement
Our Values: impartiality, public memory and reconciliation, human rights, inclusivity, empowerment, collaboration

Number of Victims by Province

The data in this database are subject to change as information on war victims in Afghanistan is regularly updated.


Within this database you will come across information that is public or confidential.

By maintaining this distinction between public and confidential information, we aim to balance the need for transparency and awareness with the imperative of protecting the privacy and security of those involved.

Our Voices

In 2011, AHRDO created the Memory Box Initiative with the purpose of supporting victims and survivors in preserving and recalling the memories of their loved ones, amplifying their voices, and advocating for the establishment of genuine reconciliation through a comprehensive truth-seeking process.

A Memory Box is a box containing memorial items donated by the families and friends of war victims to remember their loved ones. Building upon the success of the Memory Box Initiative, in 2019, AHRDO's efforts led to the establishment of the Afghanistan Centre for Memory and Dialogue (ACMD), which represented the first memorial centre for war victims in Afghanistan.

Sakhidad Hedayat

Memory Box


Memory Box

Sultan Ahmad Sohrab

Memory Box

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