Frequently asked questions

Can AHRDO help me navigate through the database for information I am unable to find?

Yes, AHRDO can delegate an expert to work with you if you could please request an appointment through our Contact Form. We offer dedicated information sharing and Q&A sessions to organizations and individuals with a human rights and justice related mission and to survivors of the victims represented in the database.

How do I share new information that is missing from the database?

You can help us improve the database by sharing new information, completing missing information or assisting us in correcting errors. This can be done through filling out out Contact Form. Please leave us your contact details to thank you and follow up when necessary. However, note that you may share information anonymously if preferred.

I would like to volunteer with AHRDO in my specialized area. How do I proceed?

AHRDO will gladly accept assistance you may generously offer. Please get in touch with us through the Contact Form.